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As my style has evolved I find myself incorporating a lot of black pieces into my wardrobe but when it boils down to it I will always be a color girl at heart. Summer is synonymous with color and most of my summer favorites are loud and bright. Anything Missoni, Denim Mini’s, a good vintage backpack, a staple summer dress (patchwork preferred) and a chic mule/kitten heel are all pieces that define Summer for me. I live for bathing suit tops and consider them essential because who doesn’t want to be beach ready 24/7? I also love adding unexpected cold weather textures into the mix, like the tweed Lacroix top pictured above; it keeps things unique and interesting. What are some of your Summer favorites?! xx -G

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Summer Time Fine.


Summer is right around the corner and we are ready to be outside this year! What are some of the staple pieces you girls will be wearing this summer? One thing’s for sure I love a good cat suit, but like who doesn’t?! I’ve been a fan long before the trend because I consider it to be such a feminine and sexy staple piece. I adored the black catsuit from the Chanel Spring/Summer 2021 collection with the matching sleeves. Super chic and super fab! Loved what Laquan Smith did for Fall/Winter 2019 and appreciate what Casey Cadwallader at Mugler has been creating recently as well. Laquan and Mugler have managed to play with shapes, textures and strategic cuts to create some amazing stand out pieces. Talking about amazing, can not leave out the genius that is Christopher John Rogers and the amazing red, blue and yellow Swarovski embellished cat suit he designed for his Spring /Summer 2021 collection – which was to do die for! What an iconic and beautifully created piece. Catsuits accentuate the body and its shilouette, not many pieces hug a woman’s curves better than a really good cat suit. One thing in particular that makes the catsuit so great is the versatility that comes with accessorizing it. You can add anything from a belt, blazer, boot etc. – the possibilities to making it uniquely yours are endless. I love being able to wear pieces that can be dressed up / down and catsuits allow that. If you are as crazy about catsuits as we are here at FakeFancy, stay tuned because we have a chic situation coming very, very soon. xx -G